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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair


Are you having issues with your garage door torsion spring in Grand Prairie, Texas? Our trained specialists are very familiar with these essential parts. We have the knowledge and experience required to service both spring types. Our company is pleased to offer same day response for repair and replacement issues. We are reliable, effective, and detail-oriented. Our techs will administer safe and accurate service on torsion and extension springs.

Awesome Extension and Torsion Spring Repair

We offer awesome extension and torsion spring repair service. Our experts will do everything possible to fix a broken spring. However, repair is not always a feasible option. Springs are wound tight to create a lot of tension. If they break, they are not easy to repair. In most cases, replacement is the only way to go. We provide outstanding extension and torsion spring replacement service. We stock our vans with a wide range of spring types and sizes. Our techs will know which unit is best for your garage.

Precise Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

At Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie TX, we know that springs can be very dangerous to work with. Many people have been injured servicing these items. For this reason, we suggest you choose one of our trained pros to service these parts. The torsion spring is mounted above your garage door. The extension springs are located on each side. The type and size you need depend on the size and weight of your door. Our pros offer precise garage door torsion spring replacement service. We will service your springs safely and accurately.

There are times when all you will need is a torsion spring adjustment. The problem may only require nuts and bolts to be tightened. If your springs give you trouble, let one of our experts take a look at the problem. You can trust our Grand Prairie garage door torsion spring service.

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