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Garage Door Opener Installation

Installing new openers is much harder than you think. And the quality of the service will determine your safety too. So call our company for responsible and expert garage door opener installation in Grand Prairie, Texas. Send us a message if you want the help of our staff to select a new operator. Confused about motors, opener differences, drive types, and clicker models? Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie TX is here to answer questions, provide you with the new opener, and install the operator for you. Call us.

Garage door opener installation is more than meets the eye

Garage Door Opener Installation Grand Prairie

There is so much to garage door opener installation than one would think. So, when you are thinking of making such changes, give us a call. We sell & install openers to satisfy all needs. Our company can provide you with the best branded openers and guarantee excellent overhead opener installation service in Grand Prairie.

Why should you choose us?

  • We help you find the ideal motor and thus opener for your garage. Want a DC or AC motor? Are you in need of a trolley system and if so, will you need a chain, belt, or screw drive opener?
  • And then it’s a matter of choosing a brand. Want Liftmaster garage door opener replacement and to install an operator from the same brand? Thinking of selecting an opener made by Craftsman, Chamberlain, or Genie?

When it comes to such important decisions, you will have our support. But no matter which model you choose, we are extra careful when we install garage door opener parts. Installing the opener doesn’t only include mounting it on the ceiling or wall. It also includes:

  • Programming the remote clicker
  • Adjusting the travel limit and force settings
  • Making sure the belt or chain doesn’t sag
  • Connecting properly the emergency release cord
  • Installing correctly the safety sensors
  • Checking that the reverse mechanism works
  • Making sure the door opens and closes all the way

Call for garage door opener repair services too

You can be sure that our techs do such thorough inspections when they maintain or fix your opener too. Got opener problems? Contact us now for garage door opener repair. Once we troubleshoot and thus diagnose the problems with the opener, we will make the required adjustments and repairs.

Count on our professionalism and schedule a service with us whether you want Grand Prairie garage door opener installation or repair.

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