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Garage Door Cables Repair

Do the overhead door cables keep coming off? Is one of them broken? Count on our company to offer any required garage door cables repair in Grand Prairie, Texas. As experts in cables and springs, we can sort out problems and fix up these essential garage door parts in no time. Our pros are equipped well and knowledgeable. We have the qualifications, experience, and skills to replace, fix, and install garage door cables. Contact us whatever you need.

We are the expert team for garage door cables repair

Contact Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie TX for cable services. Cables are essential parts. They are connected to the torsion or extension springs and carry the weight of the overhead door so that it will be lifted. Since they work side by side with springs, cables are under tension too. So, it’s only wise to trust our insured and certified techs for any garage door cables repair service in Grand Prairie.

How do cables work?Garage Door Cables Repair

Wrapped around their drum, the cables wind to open the door as soon as spring tension is transferred to them via the drums. When the door closes down, cables unwind. The cables run from the bottom bracket to the drum and from there to the spring. If your door operates on an extension spring system, the cables will be connected to the springs through pulleys and forks and will be attached to the bracket of the vertical tracks. So, many parts are implicated. And so common problems include:

  • Cables off the drum
  • Cables off the track
  • Broken pulleys
  • Broken springs
  • Damaged brackets
  • Snapped cables

Call now for garage door cable replacement

We provide the right service promptly. If one of the cables has snapped, don’t give it another thought. Call us for garage door cables replacement now. Our pro will come out as soon as possible. Since cables are major parts, we rush to replace the broken ones. But our techs will also hurry to fix their problems. You can trust us to repair and replace cables in a timely and excellent manner.

Our techs are always well-equipped and cautious because installing garage door cables requires the right tools and great attention. We always check the other side and make sure both cables are in place and the door performs as it should.

Don’t panic when cables break or come off. Call us to cover any garage door cables repair Grand Prairie need today.

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